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    Golf Cart Fail, pay attention or fall out!


    So this dude wants a day on the course, and his missus insists on tagging along.


    He agrees because, well he doesn't really have a choice! But after constant updates on Kim Kardashian and seeing her constantly buried in her phone and not paying attention to his fantastic golf game, he takes off for the next hole, and she falls out!

    Golf's serious business, get in the cart, hold on, pay attention!

    *No one was hurt during this video, except the boyfriend for his erratic driving!

    When your mate's putting for his first ever Eagle!

    Who need enemies when you have mates like this. When Jack Mocler (instagram - @jackmockler) was putting for his first ever Eagle, his mate (or enemy) Shane Keenan (instagram - @shane.keenan1) booted his ball away just before it was about to drop in the cup.
    This very funny video has gone viral since first seen on Golf Gods Instagram page last week. Its has now been shared on golf pages all around the world.
    But once again it was seen first on GOLF GODS Instagram page (@golf_gods).

    Golfing and Fishing skills covered!


    Rossy wanted to make up for breaking the old Driver by practicing his catching skills.

    After diving and taking a clean catch off Smed's chip, the man of many talents came up with a fish between his teeth! 

    And they say there's no fish left in the Murray River!

    Golf Trick Shot Fail on Murray River


    The boys up on the Murray River took a break from the wakeboard to hit a few trickshots. 


    Rossy took control of the Driver and showed why he's a short game specialist!


    Smeds could only laugh as Rossy nailed the perfect layup, sending the Driver head further then the ball!


    Just as well its was an old Driver, but the only one at the river meant trickshots were done for the day and it was back to the boat and more beers!



    Golfers do stupid things!

    We see all sorts of stupid antics on the golf course, and the majority of them we love! But this video takes the cake. When a older gentleman thinks he is a gymnast and can do a back flip off the edge of a bunker. It turns nasty with a face plant into the sand!


    A video posted by Golf Gods (@golf_gods) on


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